I'm Barbara Shannon

I guide CEOs who lead phenomenally successful, purpose-driven companies.

Barbara is my sanity source. She's a wealth of business knowledge, and my guide in becoming the leader I want to be.

Miyoko Schinner
CEO Miyoko's Creamery

Barbara is an exceptional business partner and an outstanding thought leader, coach, facilitator and platform presenter.  

Bruce Rogol
Managing Director

For ten years we could not agree. Two days with Barbara and we agreed on our approach. And she has a great sense of humor!

The Rt. Rev. Bishop William Swing
Seventh Bishop of California
Founder United Religions Initiative

Don't go it alone. If we're a fit, your results will be extraordinary.

Together we double-down on your values, define your needle movers, get the
right people on your bus and refine your business to optimize your path to success.

"As an executive coach, I partner with exceptional humans to build better businesses. 
In the 2000s I worked with VPs at global enterprise companies leading enterprise transformation initiatives.
Hewlett Packard, Virgin Media, MetLife, Lockheed Martin, and Thermo Fischer were some of my clients.
Today I work exclusively with CEOs and owners of mid-market companies. Their successes are the rocks that our collective future is built on. ."

 This is not just coaching.

This is connecting my deep expertise with your vision to achieve your highest aspirations.



One-on-One Guidance for Today's CEO

  • Work with me one-on-one to propel you and your business to a whole new level of performance.
  • This is your opportunity to receive my highest value customized coaching experience.
  • Gain the expertise, acumen and leadership tools you need to take your organization to a whole new level of profits and performance. 
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Guided Peer Support for Women

  • Grow your brand and your business in harmony with your life. 
  • Make more - Work less - Feel the joy.
  • Can you imagine your business operating at a whole new level of success?
  • Our ATHENA women's entrepreneur group has your back!
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For the Executive Team

  • Level up your leadership team.
  • You need your team to be pro-active innovators who model and drive the goals, culture and values of your organization.
  • It's not magic.
  • It's a step-by-step process customized to you, your people and your business.
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Peer Support Facilitation

  • Businessses who grow exponentially each year have one common asset: Peer Support.

  • Reaping the rewards of the combined knowledge and experience of like-minded business owners is guaranteed to propel your business forward.

  • We have two different packages available, click below to find out more.

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I have a few opinions on things like values, human behavior, current events, and leadership.

Read all about it on my blog.

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